Mawashi is proud to be a member of several organizations working in the Defense, Human Factors, Industrial Design and other industry sectors related to Mawashi's specific expertise. These organizations aim at regulating the activities in their field as well as supporting and gathering the numerous stakeholders. They also promote and favor the dialogue between the government, the industry and academia.


North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Land Capability Group on Dismounted Soldier Systems (LCGDSS)

Allied Command Transformation (ACT), Framework for Collaborative Interaction (FFCI)

The NATO organization is an intergovernmental military alliance that consists of 28 independent member countries. Its goal is to safeguard the freedom and security of the North-American subcontinent and the European continent.

LCGDSS addresses soldier-related issues, specifically combat clothing, protecting gears, weapons, biometric sensors, C4I systems and ammunitions.

ACT defines the future operations parameters and requirements needed to execute, evaluate and implement new operational concepts pertaining to NATO's Allied Forces.

FFCI ensures the collaboration between NATO, the industry and/or academia in order to increase NATO's capacities in various domains in line with its interests.


Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI)

CADSI is an organization gathering more than 800 Canadian companies working in the defense and security sectors. Its main purpose is to promote the activities done in Canada pertaining to Defense and Security. CADSI is a leading partner for the Government of Canada to communicate the needs and concerns of Canadian industries.


Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES)

The HFES promotes the development and exchange of knowledge and expertise concerning the human being specifics to enhance the human-machine interface in various applications. It consists of 24 technical groups with distinct fields of interest.


Soldier Systems Technology Roadmap (SSTRM)

SSTRM is an initiative from the Government of Canada gathering stakeholders from the public sector, the industry and academia with the goal to develop an action plan for soldier's future capacities.


Security Materials Technologies Roadmap (SMTRM)

SMTRM is a Canadian government program aiming to elaborate a strategic planning to favor development of innovative products and systems in order to meet future market demands for personal protective equipment and armored vehicle products.