Fraco Exoskeleton by Mawashi


Discover the most recent innovation in the field of masonry



upper limb actuation System


  • Hybrid system combining passive and quasi-passive actuation to support and assist the mason’s arm

  • Assists the mason in lifting and placing the masonry blocks as well as manipulating masonry tools

  • Does no restrict the mason’s ease and range of motion when using the trowel and applying mortar

  • Aims at reducing muscle fatigue during various tasks involving the upper limbs


Quasi-Passive Joint Locking Mechanism


  • Supports the weight of the mason’s arm, masonry blocks and tools by compensating for gravity

  • Positioned directly at the arm articulations

  • Supports torques of up to 40 N·m at the elbow and shoulder joints

  • Can support up to 26 lb per arm at the elbow

  • Can support up to 15 lb per arm (outstretched arm)

  • Very low energy consumption

  • Rapid engagement/disengagement

  • Several days of autonomy for standard masonry tasks

  • Compatible with Lithium-ion battery packs


Passive Lifting Assistance Mechanism


  • Consists of an elastic system coupled with an optimized spring-cam mechanism

  • Provides up to 27.5 N·m (Peak) at the shoulder joint and 17.5 N·m at the elbow joint to the user when lifting objects with his arms

  • Can lift up to 10.5 lb per arm at the elbow joint

  • Can lift up to 10.5 lb per arm (outstretched arm)

Data provided for a man of average height (5’10”)

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Fraco exoskeleton by mawashi: 2021 update


Remember, one year ago, when we announced to the world that in 2021, masons & bricklayers could have an exoskeleton built for them? Well, it’s still happening folks! 2020 was a LOT of things, but it didn’t stop Mawashi Science & Technology from working on this innovation for the masonry industry!

The most exciting part is that the suit has been uniquely standardized. What we mean by that is that the Mawashi team found a way to make sure that the suit would have a unique fit for each user. A set of various sized parts has been developed to make sure that the length of the bottom part perfectly fits the mason/bricklayer, and the upper part has been designed with adjustment mechanisms to fit all sizes.

In the next 5 months, the Mawashi team will upgrade the prototype by testing it with bricklayers and making it better every time. Then, at the beginning of the summer, they will start producing, to have the first 50 exoskeletons ready in September 2021. After that, 50 in October, and 50 in November.

Some of you have already pre-ordered yours - you’ve been patient, it’s coming guys! And for those of you who haven’t yet, please contact our official distributor Fraco Products Ltd if you want more information.


Fraco exoskeleton by mawashi unveiled at world of concrete (woc) 2020 in las vegas